How To Teach A Kid To Ride A Balance Bike


Some parents usually instruct their kids to use a pedal bike directly. But, some children need something which is more basic than the pedal bike. So a balance bike is a good choice you should consider. This kind of bike is considered as one of the best training tools for the kids until they are able to use the pedal one.

What is a balance bike?

Have you heard about the balance bike? Well, this kind of bike is designed with no pedals in its structure. The 24-month children can use this bike to practice before riding a pedal bike. The balance bike will give the kid an opportunity to get used to using a bike. The process of learning how to ride a bike is divided into two stages which the kids can be manageable more easily. The children will not feel too complex when starting with a pedal bike.

The balance bike can help the children to keep the balance on a bike and naturally start to steer. Because the bike does not include pedals, the child sits on the seat and uses one or both of his feet on the floor to move forward. The child just focuses on learning this, not concentrate too much on the pedals like a normal bike. That is really more convenient and easier. What the best balance bike is a problem you should consider carefully.

And here is a piece of advice for you. You should let your child start with a balance bike in the cycling process, then change into a pedal bike. And now we will provide you some instructions to make the transition become easier.

#1 Striding

First, let’s instruct your kid to stride along when using the balance bike. Gradually, your child will feel the movement of his feet. Then, he will understand that when you stride a little, the bike can glide forward.

#2 Gliding

After practicing to stride a few times, the child will become more confident as well as stronger. That is the reason why the slides also become faster and longer. When you see that your kid glides faster and longer than you run, it’s time to consider buying a pedal bike for him. It is a suitable time for him to change into the bike with pedals.

#3 From balance bike to pedal bike

When you go to a store to buy a bike with pedals for your kid, let’s choose one including the front and rear brakes. The pedals of the new bike should be removed. Then, go with you kid to a shallow slope. Remember to take the pedals and the balance bike along with you. Now instruct your child to sit on the balance bike and glide down. When he becomes more experienced, let’s go to the fourth step.

#4 Onto the new bike

Now change into the new bicycle. You tell them that not too focus on the pedals, do everything like they do with the balance one. After a few times of practicing like this, the child can be blasé a little.

#5 Using pedals

Now, let’s use the new bike but your kid does not have to cycle. He will not let his feet in the air like when riding a balance bike; his feet will be put on the pedals. The parents have to tell him not to turn the pedals. And then continue to glide as usual.

#6 First cycling steps

Now, instead of just placing the feet on the pedals, the child can make the pedals move forward. The speed must be kept and your child has to add more power into the glides if the slope makes the bike stop.

#7 Keep practicing

Now the only thing your kid has to do is practicing more and more. Stride some steps; use a slope as a thing which instigates the glide phase, put the feet on the pedals. Then the kid can feel the glide starts to fade when the pedals move forward.

#8 Picture time

You can prepare a handy camera in order to take pictures of your kids’ process of learning how to ride a pedal bike. Now you kid can use the bike without stabilizers. So as to encourage him, let’s give him a lot of praise when he practices. You also have to be calm, patient and give a lot of love actions for him when going together with him.

Well, if you go through all steps we have instructed you in this post, we are sure that your child can ride a pedal bike in an easier way. Using a balance bike before changing into a pedal one is a really good idea for the kids. They will feel much more confident when trying a pedal bicycle.

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