The Best-Overdone Figure Skimming Music


Selecting the correct music is constantly the challenge for all the skaters & their choreographers and coaches. It is a common reality that what simply suits to single skater or couple & even dance team might not garb another.

Moreover, it is a continuous challenge, which figure skaters can have, selecting music, which goes well with their style nevertheless, also choosing something, which the judges would like also. Beside this, another challenge, which exists in selecting the piece of the music, is simply that it goes well with the time restrictions of the program & that technical components could be implemented to it.

Music of figure skating has to include slow parts, quick beats & some conscious time. The brand new judging method, with its complicated scoring always makes it highly difficult to go well skating to music.

Here, I would like to ask from the readers that how frequently they hear the primary beats of the music to the skating groan and program. Not Carmen once again & no new Swan Lake. Besides, there must be the law that once that skater earns the little with the piece of the music, which it must not be played once again for approximately two season. Thus, with this law in place, people will not be exposed to hearing Romeo & Juliet, Carmen and Swan Lake ever again & at least occasionally.

Additionally, new music will be exiting however, skater may fit it little bit risky. It is agreed that if the skater is never willing to take this risk nevertheless, skaters must afterwards go out in their all exhibitions & do something more exciting.

It is important that there must be certain intermediate ground between selecting a charred piece of the music & something entirely unheard. I never think that skaters need to essentially instantly dismiss music which has been utilized during past.  However, I only think that they must think systematically before simply taking up a bit which is done over & over by several skaters until they have the completely new notion for it.

Now, here is the complete list of the music, which must be always played anytime quickly in the skating arena near readers:


CarmenIt is considered as the traditional skating piece as it logically gets the gathering involved.


It is important to share the Kwan always did the high numbers with this one. Moreover, she is creative as it is predictable.

Swan Lake:

It is vital to mention that is been highly stewed that Rudy performed his long and short series to this remarkable piece during 1996 whole others have utilized in also including 1994 the Baiul, Shizuka 2004 & Sasha even exasperated her hand  along with Swan Lake.

Romeo & Juliet:

I would like to ask that who has not even tried this amazing music. In Olympics 2006, the commentators said that leading difference among Sasha & other famous skaters is simply that they always Skate to best Romeo & Juliet & Sasha constantly becomes Juliet.


It is considered as the great and best piece of guitar of Spanish however, must not be utilized until the skater could really keep up successfully with tempo & give undoubtedly great footwork.

West Side Tale: 

Incredible music, however unconditionally everything from America to Maria has been successfully played one several times.

Nessun Droma:

Once again, lovely music directly from Turandot however, overdone by all from Hughes to Boitano.

Some Others:

  • Swan Lake
  • Feeling Begins
  • Moonlight Sonata
  • Rachmaninov 2
  • On Waterfront
  • Zorba Greek
  • Paint it Rear

Swan Lake

Moreover, some other pieces of the music have been overworked at a given amount of time however, are no longer overworked or even utilized at all. Besides, bell suite & love music from Castles was highly famous during 1979-80 however, might be the nostalgic piece currently.

There is an option to utilize a smaller utilized bit of score just as Kwan simply did with the Carmen. It is worth stating that Rondo from Moonlight Sonata is not overworked nevertheless, look beyond an effortlessly overworked classics & the currently famous theme. Finally, people should know that there is always some hazard in selecting the traditional piece of the music.


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